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heal the heart workshops  are designed to promote a sense of calm in order to relax and connect with one’s inner wisdom. Combining various activities with the creative process, you are able to relax, clear your mind, reflect and envision new possibilities for personal and professional growth.

Testimonial-lights-DancingEach course is designed as a series of six workshops. Each workshop is three hours in duration and is based on a specific topic. You may attend one workshop to get a taste of what each session may entail or attend all six in the series to benefit the deeper impact of this unique approach.

Course Descriptions

Art of Self Discovery

Workshops in this course focus on deeper understanding of one’s talents and skills, identifying goals and building capacity to overcome blocks. Engaged in the creative process, you will identify variety of actions to achieve your desired goals.

Creative Relaxation

This course emphasizes on mindfulness and being in the present. Each session introduces different relaxation technique and creative project. Projects vary in techniques and medium, however, the focus is always on being mindful and present in the moment.

heartful life Journey

In this course you reflect on your life experiences and envision your desired future. You compile your stories and delve into expressing yourself authentically and creatively. The result is a unique artistic book that is an authentic creative expression about you and your life journey; past, present and the future.



Soul Portrait 

commissioned paintings, visual prayer, intuitive
Aazam Irilian-Soul Portrait

Is a one-of-a-kind, commissioned painting representing your inner wisdom and guidance. After a period of consultation and meditation, I am able to paint a personalized and unique work of art to convey messages through color, light and imagery. The finished images hold the energy to set into motion your intention, be it a prayer for guidance or help in manifesting dreams and goals.

Each painting is 15X15” mixed media painting on watercolor paper
Fees: 350.00 plus shipping
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Angels Whisper 

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