©schlickart ©lindsay schlick ©brian schlickAazam Irilian is a professional artist who has exhibited her paintings in numerous galleries. Founder of heal the heart
 program, she is also an art educator, and coach with a Masters degree in Art Education as well as being certified both as a practitioner in Therapeutic Imagery and in Social Emotional Arts (SEA)*.  Aazam has been sharing her passion for the expressive arts with students of all ages and diverse populations for close to thirty years. In her workshops and private sessions, Aazam uses visualization, expressive arts and creative writing as tools for personal healing. Visit http://www.aazamirilian.com  to see her art and http://healtheheart.com to learn more about upcoming workshops she is offering.

*SEA is a program through UCLA Arts and Healing an organizational member of the UCLA Collaborative Centers for Integrative Medicine

Visit http://www.aazamirilian.com to review her art